Conference Weekend.

It was conference weekend and the older I get, the more I appreciate and look forward to every session.  The kids did well for the first session.  They had M&Ms and a Bingo card.  But then they wanted to eat the M&Ms and who was I to say they couldn't eat them?  So that was the end of the "exciting" bingo game.
I still printed off a packet for them to do while we listened.  Luke can only handle so much so he would be in and out form watching a movie in the other room.
In between sessions on Sunday, I made waffles with syrup and whip cream...YUM.
Did you know waffles are my ultimate favorite comfort food?  And i'm not talking about Ego waffles!
Gotta be homemade.
Luke & Kate appreciate them as much as I do.  Emma only likes them with butter on them...what?!  who are you child?

I loved this all the sessions!  Lots of focus on Home & Family.  I heard things that I definitely needed and wanted to hear.  On top of that, I am becoming more of a baby as time goes on.  Conference weekend is so emotional for me.  I get a spiritual overload that anything will trigger the tears.  Anything that uplifts me, I get that tear pain in my eyes.  ESPECIALLY the things they play between sessions.  I love that stuff.   I can thank my mom for that trait....thanks Ann.

So suffice it to say, i'm exhausted.  Oh and did I mention Joe left out of town on Saturday?  For the whole Spring Break week?  ya, i'm kind of terrified.  But I did get out today to open gym at the gymnatistic center in town.  I'm trying not to be a hermit.  I WILL go insane if I am stuck at home.  

But i've got some plans now that will make it all worth it :)
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