Used to care

I used to care about craft blogs.
I used to care about doing things right.
I used to care about thrift stores or hitting yard sales.
I used to care about redoing junk.
I used to care about FB but even that's become annoying and meaningless.

Looking back, they all just don't seem that important these days.  As i've been trying to simply my life, I have come to terms with things in it that are just "fluff".  They don't improve me as a person.  They don't make me a better wife or mother.  They just distract me from what's really important.
I have been consumed by fluff!  That Satan is a tricky one for sure.

Why did I care so much about fluff?

I'm realizing time is not on my side, especially when it comes to my kids.  I look at them and i grow sad at the thought of them growing bigger, becoming more much so that they won't need me.  That scares me.  Especially in the past when I was so caught up that when they did ask for help, I was distracted.  I'm embarrassed and ashamed as the weak individual that I am.

These are kind of the thoughts i've had lately, especially as a mom....when  you're oldest is almost done with Kindergarten and got her first pair of laced sneakers!
When your second has registered for Kindergarten for next year!
And when your youngest is riding a bike with training wheel now...  

I have a lot of growing up to do still!
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