Easter Weekend

Joe got home Friday night around 2:30.  Saturday, he was ready to roll with the family to have some Easter fun.  We went to a place in Wenatchee that had an organized Easter egg hunt and a small petting zoo.  Emma was very disappointed at the Egg Hunt.  I was disappointed by their "petting zoo"  but it was nice getting out.

Sunday morning, the kids and I were all sick with coughs and sneezes so we had to miss church.  But we still had their baskets ready to go.  Emma told me "this is the best Easter EVER!"

Once it got a bit warmer in the afternoon, Joe hid their plastic eggs and we did an Egg Hunt in our backyard.  Then we moved to the BIG backyard the to the front yard.  I think that was the funnest part of Easter this year.  It was too fun watching them find the eggs.

Luke is now a pro with his tricycle and kept trying to run me over as I was trying to take pictures of him and the girls.  Seriously such a stinker.

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