Jake's Blessing Day

Little Jake Ryan was blessed at church today.  Joe did a wonderful job at his blessing.  Something about a baby blessing is so special and sacred to me.  Grateful for Joe that he was wanting, willing & able to bless him.  Having the Priesthood in my home is something that I don't take advantage of.  So to have this special blessing put upon this precious baby is something that needs to documented and remembered.

Here we are on this special day. Jake was obviously freezing.  It was a quick shot and we were back inside. This is a typical look for our family...thank you Emma  haa haa

He's gearing towards 2 months here pretty soon.  Can't get enough of these smiles!

This outfit was perfect for the chilly January morning.  I really liked how simple and handsome it is.

Can't forget about the booties I ordered for him too.  They were made from a girl in Selah, WA. They are adorable knitted cowboy boots!  Kept his feet warm. 

Sadly, as Joe grabbed him from his car seat before his blessing, the booties fell off. :(  So he had bare feet for his blessing lol.  Oh well.

Let's keep those cheeks, alright Jake?

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