Jake at 2 months

Sigh, this boy gets cuter and cuter...and bigger and bigger.  I was sure he's taper off but not so.  He's steadily growing in the 98% all around.  I can't get enough of this little guy and love him so much.  The whole family can't get enough of him either.  I have to fend him off from his siblings or he'll get smushed!

A little bit about Jake at 2 months old:
  • He's become an awesome sleeper, both at nap time and bedtime.  He falls asleep around 8-9 pm.  He'll usually wake up around 4 am, fall asleep then I wake him at 7 am to start the day.  He'll sleep about 1 1/2 hours at each nap time.  
  • Eats every 3 hours in the day.  He's become an efficient eater too.  It only takes him about 20 minutes to finish!
  • He smiles like crazy.  Whether  you look him straight in the eye or near him, he loves faces and will smile.
  • He's starting to converse pretty well with coos and little giggles.
  • Loves to play in his activity gym.  Best investment ever.  He'll play in that majority of the time he's awake!  (Kate was the same way!)
  • He's got a strong neck and does tummy time pretty well but not for that long.  He's got a big head, I can't even imagine trying to hold up that thing.
  • The best thing that has developed is that he'll fall asleep on his own like a champ.  Literally, I will swaddle him, give his some loves  & binky, lay him down and turn on the fan.  He'll fall asleep on his own.  I've come to find if it's in the "window", then it's golden.  Otherwise he needs a little intervention. But he hates to be rocked or held when trying to fall asleep.  Precious child.
So because of how well he's doing sleeping, i've been able to slowly get back to feeling "normal".  I have a tad more energy and at this point, everything has healed up.    Honestly, the hardest part right now is Little Luke.  The adjustment period  has been tough for him as he wants my attention ALL. the. time.  It's more exhausting than Jake.  I still don't get too much done in the day because of that but that's okay.  His little world has been turned upside down and he needs lots of love.  Most of the morning is spent reading books or snuggling on the couch.  It's only when i'm busy doing something else that Luke will get into something he's not supposed to be in!  So I try to do those things at night when the kids are in bed! :)  Go Motherhood!

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