Potty Power

For a while now, I've been trying to get this kid in underwear.  But he had NO interest whatsoever.  I would bribe him with some pretty awesome stuff but he didn't care.

Well, today he was watching some show where they were talking about babies changing their diapers.  He told me about how the babies are wearing diapers.  I told him, why, yes Luke, babies wear diapers.  What do big kids wear?  He answers with "underwear" since that's what we've been training him to say.  So i went on to say, ya big boys wear underwear.  They go potty in the toilet or potty chair.   You have underwear upstairs that you can put on if you want.  You have a potty chair too that you can sit on and watch tv.  If you go potty in the potty chair, you get candy"....
So he ran upstairs and grabbed his Thomas the Train underwear.
We put the potty chair in the living room and started watching Elmo's Potty Time & Potty Power (this movie is actually pretty awesome.  Each child has watched this one and they get it).  We stripped him down and got to work.

So here are some tricks we've learned (and did with Emma too):

-Get rid of the diaper and let them commando

-Put the chair on a towel and let them sit on it and watch TV
-Have them drink as much juice as they want, when they want (the more drinks = more opportunities to pee
-Aside from candy bribes, make a sticker chart for them to place stickers on it.  They are suckers for that!  I quickly made one and told him when he fills up all the squares, he gets to get a toy from Target.
-Make a BIG deal with he does it for the first time.  They get all excited with you.  We even make a potty dance that he does every time he goes :)

So far, as soon as he wakes up, he wants to try to get some skittles so he gets nude and we have a normal day.   He has picked it up so fast.  He just wasn't ready until now.  It's nice that he gets it.  He'll be playing and in the other room and then he'll walk over to the chair and sit down.  He'll tell me, "Pee Pee is coming Mom!"  So we haven't had any accidents!

So now we are working on wearing underwear while he's not on the potty chair.  He seems to get that too.  "Just pull them down when you have that feeling and go sit down."  He is doing awesome!

We aren't dealing with nighttime at all.  That will come.    I'm just so excited for him.  He needed something that was just HIS since he has noticed the baby does take a lot of my attention.

We'll see how we do in  a week, shall we?
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