Are we ready for this?

Well I guess it's about time to let the cat outta the bag.

We are moving!

As you can see from my snazzy image that we are heading to Elvis's home town, Memphis TN.

You may be wondering why?  Ya me too...

Here's the lowdown:
-Joe is heading back to school.  He'll be attending University of TN Health Science Center for Endodonics or, in other words, Root Canals.  It's a 2 year program.
-We've known since Sept. that we'd be moving to TN.
-We've had to keep it a secret due to his current work situation.  We didn't want all his patients in the office leaving to find a new dentist!
-We've known for about a year and a half that we needed a change.  So the application process began.
-So while I was growing large with Jake, he was busy sending in applications, then heading out to 8 interviews all over the country.
-Sept. 20th, Emma's Birthday, we found out we got into the TN program.  What. a. relief.  This was his 2nd to last interview so we were starting to get a little nervous.  I was driving back to Cashmere from being away for a few days in the Tri-Cities to avoid the smoke from the millions of fires.
-At this point in the game, we are excited for a new adventure, new people, and new prospects at what our future could hold for us.
-Granted, i've had this whole time to get used to the idea.  At first, I was not a fan.
-I love Cashmere.  Seriously.  Heaven on Earth.  I am very sad to leave.  I have stability.  The school here is incredible.  I have friends.  The kids have friends.  We are safe.  The community is unbelievable.  I honestly wanted to live here forever.  I was hoping, just hoping, things would work out.  But it didn't.  And that's okay.
-This decision didn't come lightly.  It was years in the making.  I know it is best for our family.  Definitely will be better in the long run.
-I just hope we can find another place like Cashmere to call home one day.

SOOOOOOO the moving date is approaching very quickly.  If you saw my home right now, you would slowly walk away backwards then quickly turn around and run like the dickens.  We're gearing for a garage sale.  Packing up with 4 kids is very very hard.
I'll be leaving with the kids June 13th to the Seattle airport to pick up my Dad, who will then help me drive to UT.  I'll stay a week there and then my parents & siblings will then proceed to do a momentous Family roadtrip to TN.  It should be really fun.
And Joe will leave on the 15th and head straight to TN and get things started over there with unpacking and such.  Poor guy gets the hard HARD part of it.
So our Summer will be very busy and full of new adventures.

So stayed tuned...
(I will probably do a few lamenting posts for the loss of Cashmere and Life that I once had...just wait for that ;)  )

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