Emma's big program

 Emma had been looking forward to May 10th for a while now.  Her class has been practicing for the big Mother's Day program for a while.  Every day, I would hear her singing the songs and she'd tell me about it. There was so much anticipation!
So yesterday finally came.  I let her wear her church outfit.  I even curled her hair!  I was surprised I had time for that but seeing how Emma was up and ready for school by 6:30 AM.....

2:00 pm came and I went to school.  I was able to get a few shots of her before the program started :)

All the kids did great and the songs were really sweet.

Here is some of her singing...She even did a solo part :)
My favorite part is her "cute pose" she chose.  She is too funny.

After, we went to her class and they gave us some gifts then we had some cookies.  

Emma then excitedly sat me down and read my a book :)

Her teacher pulled me aside and told me she wanted to show me something.  A boy in their class with down syndrome was sick and was in the hospital.  Each of the kids wrote or drew him something.  It was a wonderful book for him.  Her teacher showed me what she wrote him.  It was a full page long.  It was the sweetest, heartfelt letter to him.  I am getting a copy of it and will post it on here.  I was amazed at what she wrote and the maturity/understanding that she has for this world.  I started bawling, which made the teacher start crying and my friends too.  I am so blessed to have this girl as my daughter.  I do not deserve her.  I wish I were a perfect mom for her.  But I am doing the best that I can to rear her the way that God would be pleased with.  This was a great day.  I loved being with just Emma.  I am so proud of her and the girl she is becoming!
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