Jake at 6 months


Another month has passed!

It seems with his weight, that he might be starting to taper off finally.  He's definitely been more mobile this month than last.

Here's what he's been up to this month:
-lifting his legs up and can grab his feet.
-rocking his legs back and forth.
-TODAY he rolled from his back to tummy during nap time!
-teething like crazy but still no teeth.
-grabs toys and chews on them.
-eats solids food and starting to eat table food.
-learning to drink from a cup.
-lifts his chest and partial tummy off ground when on his stomach.
-wiggles & moves around in all directions when on his back.
-knows his family and familiar friends.
-has done many hearty laughs!
-sleeps from 6:30 pm to about 6:15 am.
-naps 2 times a day.
-gets separation anxiety when I leave the room.  
-loves to grab your face with both hands and give big smooches!

He just keeps growing and being such a joy!

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