On Saturday, for Joe's birthday, we went fishing at a lake about 30 minutes from our house.  It took us a while to get there but we eventually made it and had about an hour to fish.  The kids were excited to go fishing until we got there and they saw what fishing was.  They were more interested in the bait than following through :)

Jake was either on the dirt or in my arms the whole time.  (more of the latter)...especially when he explores anywhere he wants, lake included!  So if I had to walk to the van or the bathrooms, Jake came with me.  Our car wasn't close either.  So pretty much the whole time, I was walking back and forth with Jake in my arms.  I counted that as my workout for the day!  Sheesh, that kid is huge.

Luke found my camera and took some cool pictures.

Live crickets!

Fun to go a family.  From now on, Joe will be going solo!
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