Back to School Teacher Gift

One of the many things I look forward to with Back to School is figuring out what to give the teachers as a gift.  My love of Mason Jars always makes me think of things to do with them.
My first thought was cookies but then I didn't want to make them. ;)
But I had an easy brownie mix in the pantry that I could whip up really quick.  So brownies it was!

I was motivated to make these due to being on the Craftwell DT.  But i'm glad I was because I really love how they turned out.  My stuff never looks this good!

"Looking forward to earning 'Brownie Points" this year!"
Super simple and so cute.

I embellished it like crazy cause I love me some sequins.  I also make those fun flowers out of the TS paper.  It was the perfect touch.  Then I topped it with it too.

Speaking of brownies, i'm going to go eat some :)

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