Attitude of Gratitude

So most of you probably know this idea from Stephanie Nielson's blog, the Back to School Feast.  Ever since I read about it way back when, I have been wanting to add that to my own family traditions.

So tonight I finally did it.  It wasn't as long or formal as I thought it would be.  It was actually pretty simple an short...well, except Emma....bless her heart.  (she did this on her own...)

I let the kids choose the meal.  They chose French toast, sausages, & strawberries.  Ok, deal.  I can't say now to that.

Our theme we'll be focused on this year is "Attitude of Gratitude".  This idea was from a relief society lesson a few weeks ago.  I thought that would be a great idea to drill into the kids since they are always complaining and whining about things.  So this is our year theme.  This is what we'll be focusing on this school year, which starts tomorrow (!?)

To make it extra special, I made some crowns for them to wear.  It was my first attempt and there still needs to be some tweaking but overall, I thought they turned out cute.  (no, I didn't just randomly decide to make these.  I had a hidden agenda.  I'm part of the Craftwell Design Team for the next 3 months so this is one of my projects.  2 birds with one stone.)

After dinner, the kids got showered and ready for bed.  Then Joe gave them each a Father's Blessing.  I love when they get them.  I always peek to watch their faces.  Their little faces are  just glowing with love and happiness to hear their dad talk to them with such love and guidance.

I just still can't believe they're going to school tomorrow?!  Way too fast...

I'm excited and nervous about this school year.  Being new, I don't know what to expect with the school they are attending.  The school district has a lot of things (mainly negative) that we're left with and have to deal with.  Supposedly next year, it'll be different and things will change.  So I'm hoping to just be an active part in both their classrooms.  Things will definitely fall into a routine around here, with both my girls gone all day long.  That is going to be weird and hard for me.  I am going to miss them!

I guess now i'll have more time to catch up on this blog since I'm WAY behind....

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