It all started 4 years ago...


Emma was born.
4 years?!
PS-this post is 4 years long too...
Where is my little baby girl?

Well she is not here. Emma is officially a little girl and is having quite the time.

But before we talk about her big day today, let's go down memory lane :)
Above above pic of Emma, she was only a few days old...
And this pic below, was probably around the same time.

Emma was about a month here:

Fast Forward a few months, she's probably about 5-6 months here..she was such a good and happy baby! But even from that early, she was an attention-getter.

She's a little over a year old here with us.
16 months here

20 months..

2 years old

Almost 3!
3 years old.

Fast forward to today, 4 years old!!
I am such a nice mom and took a picture of her as I opened her door...I love when kids have the morning's so cute!

I made her pancakes and fruit with whip cream...yummy.
Next was opening presents. Just ignore everyone's tired was about 8 AM when she opened her present.
Also, ignore the sad attempt she has made to have a "blue dress" or in other words, a 1980's's hideous and so glad she received a replacement today...

She was SO SO excited about this gift...her beloved Blue Cinderella Dress.
again, so excited..

She opened the rest of her, blue slippers, wand and earrings, and a Cinderella Ballerina barbie that I got for $5, brand new!

ha haa oh don't worry, I walked in and found her like this, just staring at herself in the mirror...vain much?

She then preceded to ask Joe, "Daddy, will you dance with me outside?"
I just started laughing...where does she come up with this?!...oh right, she's in her fantasy Cinderella life...

Can't forget about Kate..."Kate's Turn!" as Kate likes to say...

Next, we headed off to church. But only after declining Emma's offer to wear her outfit to church.

Next was getting her cake ready. I had asked her what kind of cake she wanted..."Cinderella Cake!"
So it was either a normal cake where I would have to draw her face on it or attempt this...and attempt I did!
Check out the tutorial here on how to assemble :)
Not too bad considering that this was the first time to made this type of looks alot harder than it is...and don't you love the fake Cinderella barbie doll I got from the .99 store?!
Princess Cinderella, oh I mean, Emma watching TV
All of us in our usual relaxed positions, :)
Singing time! Don't you love where I put the candles...where do you put them on the dress?!

I honestly don't know where her obsession of Cinderella came from. We never watch that movie. The only "princess" movies we've watch lately has been Enchanted...and that's it! She has a few "Disney Princess" items and just got a Princess backpack but that's it. it was only a few weeks ago that he started wanting a "big blue dress like Cinderella"...i am still confused. I don't care what people say, girls are naturally programed to want things like this! There was zero pushing from now, she is Cinderella crazed. But it's fun to indulge since she's never been into anything like this...and maybe i've gone too far..she honestly thinks she is Cinderella. She has been wearing that attire ALL day and sing Cinderella songs as she dances around the's just too funny.
Emma has definitely made life, life!
At this age, she loves
helping me make stuff in the kitchen,
helping her little sister
to play in the backyard, or the forest, as she likes to put it,

She is becoming so smart and talking a lot more in just the past few months.
She has always been social and continues to amaze and embarrass me ;)
She loves to play with friends and considers any kids at the park "friends"
I am so grateful that she is apart of my family and that I can continue to love her and be her best friend.
Happy Birthday Sweetie.

And here I am, 34 weeks along. Seriously ready to be done. And waiting for the weather to cool down too...any time mother nature!
I finally invested in a straightener and just glad that I did my hair today... and who knows the next time...;) I am posing for Joe here since he likes my hair straight..trying to get a decent pic....if that is even possible when this pregnant!
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