My Grandpa Terry

A week ago, my Grandpa Terry passed away. It was definitely bittersweet. He has had health problems for a long time and as each year passed, he seemed to get worse and less coherent. It was hard to see him that way when I know only a years before, he was his happy, hard-working self. He was a wonderful Grandpa. Our family was blessed to live 10 minutes away from their home so we went and visited pretty much every Sunday. Sadly, my Grandma Terry passed away almost 10 years ago. Her passing was really hard on everyone since it was all of the sudden. And so my Grandpa Terry has been hanging in there alone for this whole time. I know when he passed, that the first person he was re-united with was his sweetheart. He will be truly missed but I know he is in a much happier place.

His funeral was beautiful. I am proud to say that he served his country in World War II so they did a short pause of silence as the flag was folded. It was nice to hear my dad's and uncle's memories of my Grandpa Terry when they were younger. It opened up a whole new perspective on how his life was and the example he was to his kids, who in turn, molded me and my generation. I am grateful for his hard-working, balanced example. As I heard about his life, I realized it reflected a lot of how my Dad has been growing up and who he is now. I just makes me appreciate those that have gone on before us who were honest, loving and full of integrity.

Here are some pictures of the service.

The Dandelions were all the craze with the kids..but it kept them entertained.
It was a special weekend and glad that I was able to come up and spend time with family.
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