April, part 1

The weekend of the April 2nd, my sister Jenny got married :) So I headed up to UT a week early with the kids. Let me remind you that I am still nursing Luke. So what usually takes 6 hours to drive, took about 9 hours. I had to stop to feed Luke plus the girls were sick with the runs...so you can imagine my relief when i drove into UT valley. But the kids were super excited to see everyone. They loved spending time with their Aunts, Uncles, cousins and of course Grandma and Grandpa.
It was so fun to see everyone again and spend time with them. I have been fortunate to be so close to them this year. I am going to miss that!

Penny and Luke were too cute together. THe are about 2 months apart but they are practically the same size!

Kate couldn't get enough of the babies. She loves them.

I met up with Jenny & Aaron at Target to get some more essentials for the wedding.

It was such a great weekend. My sister had a dinner for friends the night before at Blue Lemon and it was delicious. The next day, they had a wedding brunch at the Highland Gardens, which is where the wedding was held as well. It was beautiful inside and perfect for a wedding!
Right after the Brunch, we (the girls) went to get our hair done.
Here's how mine ended up. It turned out really cute. This is different for me but I liked it!
We headed back for the ceremony. I helped with the flower girl's tutu's. They turned out really cute. I quickly made Emma and Kate some flower headbands so they looked dressed up. I was very happy that they left them on their heads.
The pictures below are from the wedding ceremony. The flower girls walked down the aisle first then the bridesmaids. Some of the pictures aren't mine. I took these off of Facebook. They turned out so great! Then there was yummy food that my mom slaved in the kitchen and wonderful music and dancing.
I love weddings with dancing. I don't know why, but I just do.
Maybe it reminds me of Sabrina...

Such a great weekend!
We were able to stay until Easter so that was nice to be with family on such a wonderful holiday. We made an easter gingerbread house.

After a long week, we headed back home. Joe had flown in Thursday night so he was able to drive back with us so I didn't have a traumatic experience again...except for the "side of the road" pit stop for Kate...in the middle of the Nevadan Desert. She's a natural camper and did awesome. I did promise her she could see the big black bug that Emma had found as soon as she went and that motivated her enough.

Luke was at the wonderful age where they start hating the carseat. So he was so SO excited to be out and rolling around when we got home. I have never seen him so excited like this. he was all over the place.

Next up, April, part 2...
get excited, get get excited.
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