A Visit with Dr. Zimmerman

Last week, we ventured out of our home to Joe's residency office.
We finally took advantage of Joe's profession and went to the dentist aka DAD.

Can I tell you that, prior to this, it had been about 5+ years since I have been to a dentist....I should say a dental office.
I've been to/with a dentist this whole time ;) harr harr harr

Anyways, so we've been talking it up for a while, get them excited to get their teeth cleaned, Luke especially...

So Dr. Zimmerman attempted to take x-rays of Emma but it didn't fit in her mouth and made her gag every time he tried. So we passed on that.

Next was the polishing of the teeth...Emma was not a fan.
So we let her try it out herself.
Don't be alarmed. This was all under Dr. Zimmerman's supervision.
***But there was a slight miss of the mouth and onto her lips....see picture at the end of the post...***
After the Polisher incident, she was done with that.

Then it was my turn. I put on a brave face for my girls as they watched Dr. Zimmerman clean my teeth.

But I will admit that I do not like the feel and texture of the polishing process.
It makes me gag.

And at the end, we all got free toothbrushes and toothpaste! Score!
I highly recommend going to Dr. Zimmerman for all your mouth needs ;)

The Polisher Incident... a day later:

A perfect Circle.
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