Goofy Girls & one cute Boy.

When we are at home, this is what usually happens.
I like to take pictures.
Always have, always will.
I was the one who would bring their camera to Junior High and take pictures, just for fun.
And I have a whole box of JUst Junior high to prove it! and this was before the digital camera!
How did I ever live without a digital camera?!

Anyways, it started out with just Kate and I but then Emma got in on the fun.

Where was Luke?
Being his cute self in the exersaucer.
This kid has grown bounds and leaps this past month.
First tooth (today!)
First sitting
First scooting
And First Fruits and Veggies
He is just all over the place now.
Thanks Luke. Now I have to have my floor clean or else you'll take care of it and the last thing I want to find in your mouth is a *rotten dust hair ball...GAG.
*true story, I did find that in Emma's mouth when she was Luke's age. She found that lovely in the sliding door.

i'll be posting more pics of Luke and his 7 month self in a few weeks!
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