i love this kid.
He is now 10 months, fitting in to 18 month clothes, as you can see below:
He's finally decided walking is the way to go.
His loves:
grapes, strawberries, blueberries, waffles, pancakes, all juices, water and whole milk, baths, outdoors, his tigger couch, toys that make noise, climbing the stairs, dancing, music, clapping, eating markers, getting into the bathroom, peekaboo, sisters and their attention, Baby Mozart, binky and blanket, Mom, DAD.
His Hates:
diaper changes, getting dressed, getting out of the tub, car seat, rice, potatoes, eating infront of him and not sharing, the gate blocking the stairs, taking markers away from him, closing the door to the bathroom.
can we just pause time?
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