As far as the blog is concerned, it thinks I have done nothing.
But I have been busy busy busy!
The kids obviously keep me busy during the day.
Once they are in bed, it's "me" time, which means I can work on projects :)
Can you tell I count down the clock until the kid's bedtime?
ha aha I seriously love my kids.

Well here's the progress on my dresser-to-tv stand.
I was able to convert that row to a shelf.
Now I need to add supports then I can start painting!
Now, do you see my adorable pink tools? and my stool stepper toolbox?
Have you heard of Tomboy Tools?
If not, you should check them out.
They are tools for women!
They are pink!
They are great quality, ergonomically designed and smaller for us ladies' hands :)
I am lucky enough to be a consultant with them and I love it.
We do some fun stuff.
Any questions, let me know.
(we do awesome parties too!)
New home for my chair. It is in a perfect spot. That door is the shoe closet so I can sit on that while I put my shoes on!
Oh I love the feel of my home with this in it.

More to come and even a giveaway too! I know you are excited ;)
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