Blogger steps up!

Something I always found annoying was those programs like bloglines or blogarithm because they were never consistant and you had to go to their sites to see what updated blogs.  Yesterday, I was fixing things on my blog and found a new thing that blogger has on their page elements.  It's a blog feeder for all your links.  Just take a look on my blog, scroll down and look at my friends list.  It lists which blogs have new posts in being in chronological order.  Tells me how long ago it has been etc etc.  It's awesome to me!  I love just looking down the whole list and seeing who has a new post.  Good job Blogger!  Well, it doesn't work with those who have private blogs (boo!) :)  Not a fan of private blogs because nothing works with them.  Anyways, just something I found and was excited about!
So I promise, I will be posting something normal soon. I've been kind of out of it lately.  For some reason, I just don't care about things these days.  I can't explain it but just something feeling.  Maybe it's the summer blues?  Who knows..I am cooped up most of the day inside because it really is too hot outside,..over 100 degrees everyday plus humidity.  It wares me out so fast!  Anyways, gotta go.  Soon, soon...
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