It's always a thrill to check the mail and find a fat envelope from the Texas Health and Human Services.  Yeah!  I get to fill out another renewal application for the 8th time this year!  So to put in all that effort of filling it out, printing things off and copying documents, it would probably be frustrating when it is all in vain, right?  Well that's what I'm dealing with right now.  I did all of the above for  Food Stamp renewal and was expecting a phone interview from a case worker but did I get a call?  eh NO.  Instead, I attempt to call the office 3-4 times, trying to talk to someone about the missed interview that wasn't my fault.  After so many times and messages, I gave up, hoping they would just process the application and new FS for June.  eh NO.  Last Saturday, after doing a huge grocery purchase, waiting in line and then getting all rung up did I realize that we would use our last funds of FS.  After all that, I couldn't be like, uh, can you take half of what I just bought and return it?  eh NO.  So I grudgingly bought everything and went home.  Monday, I was able to talk to someone at the office and found out that "Someone had called me and but they weren't able to get ahold of me so they weren't able to verify and renew FS for June."  Bull CRAP!!  urgh!  I really hate dealing with this stuff.  And it never ends.   The system is a crap shoot really.  Sometimes, it'll work out smoothly and then other times, it's a nightmare...a nightmare that I just experienced this morning.  Luckily JOe didn't have his Oral surgery rotation this morning so, after staying up last night way too late, filling out the full application, I went to the Medicaid office to re-apply for FS.  I got there at 8:30 and didn't leave till 11:30.  I sat and waited for my number to get called for the first 2 hours and 55 minutes.  Once I was called up, all they did was take my application from me, have me explain what happened and then re-schedule an appointment.  Geez louize!  That was worth the 3 hour wait.  Thank goodness I didn't have kids with me or i'll want to shoot myself right about now.  Anyways, this is a venting post, as you could tell.  But on a good note, I got my camera fixed and it came today so hopefully there will be more pictures on this thing.  
I think I posted this same post a year ago or something...I am having deja vu....
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