We went to the doctors yesterday. She checked her, weighed her etc etc. One good thing was Kate had gained .2 lbs since last week. But she went ahead and scheduled a UGI..or a barillium swallow. Kate will drink this chalky stuff that appears under x-rays. So it will see what is going on after she eats stuff. We'll be going in tomorrow at 10 AM...sucky thing is that she can't eat anything 4 hours before..yikes! She's going to be crrraaaanky! Oh well. So I hope everything goes well. I'm nervous about it all really..
The doctor also prescribed some Reglan and from the time we've given her that, she hasn't puked...so either that has helped or we are pro's at not allowing her on her back!
Joe takes the GRE on Thursday. I've been helping him look up words..I can't tell you how many i've looked up...but there are some weird and interesting words out there! I won't go into detail because it's boresville but
I will be very glad when he is done and over with that!
We've been asked to speak in church for this next week on the Gift of Repentance...All I have to say to that is...crap...I hate public speaking!
ANyways, I hope my dad sends over my camera REALLy soon cause bloggin is not the same without pictures.
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