My report

Yesterday was a long day.  They were way behind in the hospital so our appointment was at 10 but didn't get going till around 11.  Poor Kate.  Yet under the circumstances, she did so good!  She went in there and drank the stuff.  She didn't like being confined under the x-ray machine, lying down so we had to hold her down so they could read the machine.  Minutes after she was done, sure enough, the drink came up her esophagus a couple of times.  They then wanted to check the drainage of the stomach into the intestines.  That part took the longest because her little stomach wouldn't do it forever!  It took like 45 minutes for her stomach to drain.  So there are two problems going on.  First, she does have reflux so the food goes up.  The second, her stomach doesn't quickly empty out so the food is just hanging out in there, waiting to get puked up.  So the Reglan that the doctor prescribed a few days ago helps with the drainage and it seems to be doing the job.  Since starting on that, she still hasn't puked, which is just great.  We haven't heard the official report from the UGI from the Pediatrician but I figure the Dr will say to continue medications she is already taking.  But the Reglan makes Kate really drowsy so she takes her naps and really long I can't complain!  Anyways, things have gotten much better in the past couple of days.  I want to thank everyone support and advice to me and the family.  It was a minor thing but to me, it was still a big deal.  Anyone probing at my child causes it to be a big deal!  And I was so glad that Joe was able to come with me to the hospital.  And thank you Jami for watching Emma for a couple of hours so we could focus on Kate and her eventful day.
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