Fat Kate No More

From the recent eating disorder along with the growth spurt she went through, Kate has really thinned out! She is getting so much fun. I love the ages of both girls. Everyday, they get caught up with each other and will play together for while. Emma knows what to say to make Kate laugh so she'll make noises like, BEEP! or PEEP! or even just plain old Peekaboo. Kate just eats it up. Then they play chase around the house, which is always fun to listen to them. Emma gets so excited that Kate is following her so she'll scream and laugh (shrill?) (squeal?) Anyways, it's hilarious. I laugh everytime. Anyone contemplating having another kid, I recommend it. I can actually do stuff around the house while they are awake :) I also just purchased this pretty cool Tepee? K my brain is a blank on how to spell that but it's from Target. It was on sale for like $15. It's a great size for the two girls and myself :) So they've had fun playing in that too so things have gotten much better since the last post.

I still haven't heard from my Ped. but I figure nothing has changed from what she had said before going to the hospital. And Kate isn't puking at all...like on occasion, nothing serious. We just have to be cautious still.

Anyways, for the next two weeks, Joe is volunteering at some Oral Surgery thing down town, which means he has to take the car everyday from 9-5, which means I'm stuck at home...wha wha...

But I actually have gotten alot done today since i'm stuck here. I went through all the girls clothes to see what I really need and don't. I was able to collect a whole garbage bag of clothes that I didn't want. I also organized the other DI/goodwill stuff. I finished the laundery, cleaned the kitchen, and was still able to be online for a bit :)(obsessed!)

And luckily Joe did get home early today, around 3:30 so I was able to hit the grocery store. I hate going at night since i'm already wasted and don't want to do anything! Anyways, here's some cute pics of (no more) Fat Kate :)

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