The Role of Gender Identity

Yesterday, as I went to some visiting teaching appointments for my church, we had some great discussions on this month's message.  Our gender identities are key to what I believe and know to be true.  Our roles as women have been set from before we came on this earth.  Men too have specific roles as well.  Although we are different and have different roles, they compliment one another.  When we work together, we can achieve righteous goals when we put the Lord first.  Sadly, our country is forgetting the values and morals that it was founded on.  Now even our children are getting affected by the choices that others have made and risking their health in all aspects.  I found a great article about Massachusetts and the changes that have come about after they "legalized" same-sex marriage.  Please take a minute to read it.  It truly foreshadows the fate of California if Proposition 8 doesn't pass.  It is really scary and eye-openings.

I found this link on Facebook and the validity was shown accurate.  Any other questions or inquiries on what I believe, go HERE

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