Caramel Apples

I'm cracking down on Family Home Evening because i've been pathetic at it since we've been married and Emma is at that age where it starts to click. So this past week, we had our lesson about Obeying your Parents using the Ghosts who could only eat white food. When they didn't listen to their mom and ate colorful food, they turned colors and got sick. I thought it was appropriete for Halloween :) Anyone else grow up on that story?! I loved that one! I was so amazed at how they changed color to the exact thing they ate, like Chocolate Chip Ice Cream?! Too funny...

Next, for the treat/activity, we made caramel apples. It was fun to teach Emma something and have her participate. I keep thinking she's too young, she'll never get it. But she does! I need to remember that she's getting older! So here she is, being my little helper,

Sneaking some candy for herself...and I of course let her because, duh! that's just what kids do!

Yum, dipping the apples!

Now we wait till they cool.

And today, when we ate a bunch of them, they were really good :)

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