Really? Seriously?

Boy this week has been fun.

I got home from UT on Saturday.   The rest of the weekend went well until Tuesday.  I lost my wallet and still have no idea where it went!  It's so frustrating and I feel so vulnerable that my "life" is somewhere out there that anyone can find and take advantage.  Just not really liking that feeling.  Wednesday, Joe got Jersey Finger.  That same day, I was driving all over SA getting things canceled and resigned, like my Driver's license and SSC.  

Oh some advice to any who lose their DL...go to the office in Boerne!  For how far away it was, it was worth it!  I went in and 5 minutes later, had my DL!!

Friday, our car broke down, $450 later, our car now works.

And that's just the tip of things going on!

On sunday, Joe and I just started laughing at all that could possibly happen in one week and that it happened to us.  I am glad that we can laugh about a "this stinks and seriously, this is all happening to us in one week" laugh.

So this has been what's going on this week.  

So please don't be upset because I haven't been on a blog high lately.  You can understand, right?  Plus, my computer is still "out" it still works but the back light in the screen is out so I have to hold the laptop at a perfect angle by the window to even see's honestly killing my eyes so it's becoming not worth it!  

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