Jersey Finger Continued

Well Joe had his appointment yesterday with the Famous hand surgeon Dr. Green, (who works on the San Antonio Spurs).  He recognized the urgency of taking care of his "Jersey Finger" and that it needed to be done quickly for Joe to have a working finger so he went in last night to get an MRI and then he headed to surgery today at 11:30.  They told him that he'll be ready to be picked up around 3:30.  This emergency surgery came out of no where and i'm still processing it all.  The success of this surgery is vital for our future!  I am trying to hope for the best and that the faculty at school are understanding and work with him his LAST year of school!

But I know it had to happen.  Joe's been very diligent in researching all the options or outcomes with Jersey finger and the only way to get it in working order is to get surgery on it.  So we are happy that they took the injury serious and doing surgery.  And luckily, it has been taken care of before Joe and I leave to UT on Thursday for my brother's Wedding.  Joe's mom is coming in Wednesday to watch the girls till Sunday when we get back.  More details to come on how it went....

Anyways, on a lighter note, we went to a local pumpkin patch on Saturday.  The same day we went, the church that it was held at was doing this "Day of Praise" so they had singers and vendors and blowup things for the kids to jump on.  Emma was going crazy.  She's on a pumpkin craze these days.  She had fun running around and grabbing pumpkins.

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