9 months.

Before I tackle the huge amount of pictures for this, I thought I would share this with you.

Luke is now 9 months old.
It is weird that's he's already that old. Before having him, my goal was to focus on each step, to take it all in and take nothing for granted. Well, he hasn't let me really indulge in the baby phase for that long. He has other plans in mind.
He's around 21 lbs.
This month, he started cruising on the furniture and even took his first step.
He is climbing stairs when we aren't looking.
He has now refused to eat any type of baby food and only wants to eat what we are eating.
He throws a little fit when something is taken away from him. He bounces adn crinkles his nose and starts whining. It's pretty funny.
He makes funny faces...he crinkles his nose as he breathes in and out of his nose really hard. That's pretty funny too.
He will get into anything.
Definitely a mama's boy.
When he's not tired or hungry, he is the happiest little thing in the world.
I love him to death and know he was meant to be in my family!
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