Revamping some clothes

So let me just set up a bit of a background for you, paint a picture, as you will of our past year.
We have had no money.
Like seriously, having 3 kids, husband being a student plus small income...
My monthly budget was $20.
I kid you not.
So this past May, my side of the family did some family pictures.
And to get ready for those, I wanted something cute and unified as a family.
Yet the problem was again, we had no money. More details of the story here on my family blog.
So after thinking of what I was going to do, and after scouring the many wonderful craft blogs, I had some ideas.
Could I make something myself?
I think I am too chicken to make something from scratch that would actually look good.
But I could dismantle some old ones and refashion them!
It was worth a try :)
So my first victim?
This grey pregnancy dress that I found at DI. I don't think it is actually a pregnancy dress. It is a size 16. Anyways it was perfect at the time. This was last Septmenber.
And who knows when the next time I will get pregnant so I tossed into the DI bin.
And please ignore my swollen self!

So what I basically did was use some scissors and cut right down the middle.
then i trimmed the bottom in an "a-line" fashion.

I don't know if that makes sense but the back part hits the bottom of my butt and the front parts are angled down from there.
In my family pictures, I used a piece of lace and tied that around my waist to help it keep still.
I was pleased with the results! It has given me a new eye to old things.
I also whipped up that headband i have on too. I used some scraps and did a basting stitch down one side then gathered. I hot glued it into a flower and put a bling in the middle. Hot-glued it on some felt and then on a headband.
Can you tell I am proud of this?!
I am!!
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