For those of you

who are curious, I posted before and after pics of the dress-turned-cardigan project on my craft blog, The Crafty Clique.
In other news, just still unpacking. I love the mistake house we ended up with....
Oh did I not tell you?
A few days before leaving to WA, the property management calls and tells us that our rental that we had signed for, fell through.
After a nervous breakdown, we also found out they had another one that just went up for us.
4 bedroom, fully fensed yard, same neighborhood, 2200 sq/ft.
Ok, I think i can cope with that.
So yes, we have unpacked the essentials. But we aren't going to unpack anything else.
The one draw back of this house is that the owner will be putting it on the market to sell in about 8 months.
So as much as I love to pack, i'm just going to leave 1/2 of our house in boxes.

We are having fun with Joe not working until Aug. 3rd.
So far, I am loving this place.
I have a lot of pictures I want to post but have no time right now to get them up, but hopefully soon.
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