It's about time.

The biggest fear I have as a family is not having a good family portrait taken. And until now, that has been the case. Nothing ever worked out really.
So about a month ago, we went to UT for my brother's mission farewell. It would be the last time my family would be together for at least 2 years so we took advantage and took family pictures.
I'll admit that it was a big deal for me. This was my chance to get something together and hopefully take decent pictures! So days before leaving, I was stressed. I wanted my little family to look "together" and "unified". That's the hardest part. So it started with the girls dresses. I definitely wanted them to wear those. So white and yellow. Then I looked at Joe's wardrobe...hmm...lacking. But he had a nice grey shirt that would work. So from that, I went with Grey, White and Yellow. Luke's shirt was an awesome find at Old Navy. So all that was left was what I'd wear. It is seriously lame how much stress it was for me. I couldn't even sleep some nights. yes, lame.
But inspiration came the day before we were leaving. And when I say inspiration, I mean frugality. It was kind of a challenge really. I was trying to make new clothes out of old ones. And I wanted to match the rest of the family. So after going through my DI pile, I grabbed a grey dress that I had worn when I was pregnant huge. I then cut it apart and turned it into a cardigan.
Then I whipped up the headband and earrings to throw some color on me.
And I am happy with how we all looked unified.

Well here are the cream of the crop. And I am pleased with how they turned out too.

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