today seemed like a saturday really.
joe is sick so he played hookie from work. 
Emma actually did go to preschool so that was the only thing that usually doesn't happen on saturdays.
I ran to the thrift store to grab a trunk and rug that I should have snatched on saturday but wasn't sure if we had the means.  But we did and I was worried that someone would have grabbed them!
joe scoffed at me when I expressed my worry.
"you think someone else is going to take an old trunk?"
"um...yes!  those who know true beauty will take it!"

Anyways, it was pointless since it was still waiting for me at the store.

The weekend was low-key due to sicknesses from everyone.  Last week, I had one day of a sore throat but it's gone.  Joe has laringitis and the flu.  Kate has the pukes and Luke has a bad cough.  So it's just me and Emma fending for ourselves!
We've watched a lot of christmas movies. 
Emma is loving Home Alone. 
I am loving Home Alone.  
I didn't realize John Hughes directed it.  I love his movies. 
So today was more movies, playing, going to the grocery store, with Kate puking on the grocery store floor and her shirt.
Luckily it was just me and her.
I had to get the meat guy to come help.  He was really nice and wiped it up with paper towels.  I wiped Kate off then he took my pukey towels.  Then he offered her some water.
If you could have seen her face when he said that....
Kate LOVES water.
So after that episode, she felt better but fell asleep on the way home. 
if you are wondering why I took her to the store when she was sick....well she had thrown up Saturday night and then once yesterday.  So today, she seemed fine...until the store.
At home, she lounged about, Emma danced around and Luke ran amuck everywhere else.

 OHH and Emma got a SQUINKIE from class.  She is obsessed....and i'm fearing for my life that these will take over my home...

 And here I am, eating my BLT, as a silent home overtakes me....and can i brag that it's only 7:20 pm?
silence people...silence.

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