Demo NIght

I just got this stack of Pallets today, courtesy of Lee Ann and Jenn. I had to stay home while they got to battle the cold and roads. When Lee Ann pulled up in my driveway, I was beyond excited.
I just couldn't believe that my dream was becoming a reality.
Call me a dork or whatever you want, but I have been wanting, for ever, to just teach and build things with other ladies. And when I saw this post on some 5-min. shelves, it was a step closer to making that dream a reality.
So a few weeks before we move away, I am hosting a Demo Night.
A group of gals will be over next week, Dec. 9th, to build adorable shelves with me.
I kind of just did it, just started looking for a bunch of pallets to work with. People are always giving pallets away for free so i started looking and posting. Jenn wrote me back, telling me her FIL had a big stack, I would just need a trunk to take them. Cue Lee Ann! She had the truck! Both were so willing to help me out. So with a week to go, I am so excited to get everything ready, make a Show-Off shelf and just have a good time with friends.

I'm starting to get sad again.
With every move, I get sad because I realize that a part of me has grown attached to this place,
to these people.
As hard as i tried not to, it just happened.
Everyone here is just amazing.
So I'm glad that i'll have one last HOORAH! before I move!

Plus, Dec. 9th is my birthday.
And this is exactly how I want to celebrate it!
Creating, Socializing, Teaching, & Loving it!
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