thrift store finds.

A few days ago, I went to the St. Vincent Store to look for some boots for my 2nd little child.
Although my attempts in finding boots were amiss, I did discover some wonderful items!

First this rug!  Look how cute!  I instantly fell in love with the colors.  It was only $19.  Not bad for a 4x6 rug, which will be perfect in our new living room that'll we will be living in in just 2 short weeks!
 Next is this bad boy.  This wonderful trunk!
I have been looking for a large LARGE trunk to store blankets or whatever in it for the living room. 
I am not liking throwing my blankets in a big purple bin people!
And I've spied this baby for months now...just sitting pretty waiting...waiting...waiting...
for me to snatch it!
It was only $49.  Which seriously, if you look at prices for trunks these days, like huge trunks like this with character, they are well over $100 or $200.
So to find this for this price, I was uber excited. 
This too will look fabulous in my living room, maybe front and center or in the corner :)
Anyone else love finding deals as much as me?
Oh and i hit a local gently used children's store called Children's Attic today.  They were having a 50% off clothes sale and 20% off everything else off!  I mean, their prices are low to begin with.  So I got boots, 4 pairs of pajamas, 2 shirts, and a sweater for $28.
That's awesome.

Where do you like to go for good deals?
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