best. day. ever.

this was quite the momentous occasion for me.
my birthday.
yes, it's true.  I have them every year, but this year was different.
because joe sat down with me and asked me what I wanted to do ALL day.
so i laid it out and it went according to plan, without a hitch.
dec.9th 2010.
seriously a perfect day.
so this is me, now 27.
 i want to know what I looked like on such a wonderful day, when life was really good and when we have been given so so so much.
sorry if it seems like i'm gloating.  i'm not.
i'm just so grateful for life, family, my husband, my kids.
i'm experiencing a natural high in my life. (trust me, i've had my share of lows)
 after sleeping in, we all got ready and headed to the donut shop.
one of the best things about birthday and kids is that they make it much more fun! 
they were so excited for donuts! 

 luke's inital taste...still trying to figure that one out.
 he's past it ;)

 happy birthday and merry christmas to me :)
 next was matinee with my girls! 
we watched new FAV.  I loved that movie. 
I want to watch it right now.
 My handsome boy greeted me like this when we got home.

 After the movie, I was able to leave for a couple of hours and do whatever I wanted to do.
I went to the antique store and the mall.
I carefully planned that was so nice and worth it.  I found some awesome stuff!
Dick & Jane calender- $1
Dick & Jane hard cover book - $1
Roll of fabric - $4.80
Raggedy Andy - $4
Vintage Phone( like the one in TS3) $6
Christmas ABC book - $1
Wahoo! ( i'm decorating Luke's room with vintage toys)

When i got home, we had a pizza party!

 Then the cake part...don't you love it?  I do!

 After we got the kids to bed, I hosted a demo night!  I showed some ladies how to cut up a pallet and turn it into a shelf, courtesy of

Here's a couple I made, cute huh?

seriously so grateful for Joe in helping me make this day wonderful for me.
here's hoping 27 will be a great one!

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