Summer is here.

Summer has officially begun in my household.
Daughter has graduated preschool.
Routine is out the window.
I have spray paint all over my hands.
and now, I am preparing a vacation with my family.

Next week, we'll be heading to UT.  I'll be there with the kids for about 2 weeks.  My hubby will only stay for 5 days and then back to work.

But I have lots to prepare before I leave.  I want to finish my bunk beds so that when my parents drive me back, there will be extra beds for them to sleep in.

My husband is participating in our small town's big Founder's Day weekend at the end of the month and guess who is in charge of all the planning?

So I have to do all that before we leave.

OH and I am trying to organize a 5k to help raise funds for Clara...before I leave...

So what i'm saying is this month, I might be MIA.  
I will hopefully get Thrifty THursdays up but not at 1:00 AM like I usually schedule them.

But I hope as your summer vacation begins, that you have fun, soak up some sun (where ever it is?!?) and STAY SAFE!

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