handmade business cards.

These are fun & easy business cards that will have people talking...
Just pretend I didn't just write that...haa ha I am on QVC or something...
anyways...You don't have to spend a forutne to order some and wait weeks to get some!  
Make  your own business cards!

The night before Bloggy Bootcamp, I realized I didn't have any business cards to pass out to other bloggers and participants.  I knew that it would be a great opportunity to share my blog with others so I got thinking...
I opened up a simple word document and formatted it horizontally so I could fit 12 cards on one sheet and not have to worry about cropping the sides.  Then I got to work.

Next I printed the sheet on a 8 1/2 x 11 white cardstock 

Next I used my trusty sewing machine.  Pick a thread color you want.  I used a salmon color.

I lined it up on my paper and sewed straight down to the bottom.  I did that 3 times on the page.

Next I started cutting out my cards.  First was the columns...

Next was the rows...

And wha-la!

Really digging out these turned out.  I love the "zig-zag" or "chevron" or whatever you want to call it...

To hold them in one place, I used a coin purse I got from Freshly Picked.

And I was ready to go.  What a great day.  

There will be more on Bloggy Bootcamp soon.  Hopefully soon right?  

I want to also show you guys some of my favorite business cards I got too!  

And because of all the great knowledge from it, my blog is under construction.  I've got big plans for it so things might be chaotic around here while I figure stuff out!

I'll be linking HERE.
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