horseback riding field trip.

About a week before Emma graduated from preschool, her class took a trip to one of the student's grandparents house.   Her grandmother makes ceramic figures.  They even made some pots and planted flowers.  It was really neat and Emma loved it.  So at their field trip, we took a tour of her office where she makes things.  They also let the children ride their horses.  So I helped out with driving and all 3 kids were able to ride the horses, which was the highlight of the trip!

Luke loves balls these days and was practicing his basketball skills.

Kate was first to try it out.  She was so cute.  Her head was just bobbing around and she had a big smile on her face.

Emma also had a big smile on her face.  I think this is the first time she rode a horse!

Little Luke had such a fun time and was mad when we took him off.  He was so big and held onto the handle all by himself!

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