Blueberry picking.

 A month or two ago, I was driving around the countryside that I call home and saw a sign that said "Pick your own blueberries".  I immediately turned right there and pulled in.  It was a home business that had  rows and rows of blueberry bushes.  It was such a beautiful home with a beautiful little garden.  It was so ideal.

This man lived there and told us how to pick them.  THe kids had so much fun picking them.

See how beautiful?!  I want this exact garden in my own house stat!

Now Luke just ate the whole time, mainly sour ones ;)

The girls snuck a few as well, as you can tell by their lips.  They also had a delicious cherry tree that we could sample.

I LOVE this place for this very reason.  Orchards and fruits aplenty here.  Can't beat that!
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