some days....

Some days....

-I hate that can't handle 3 kids.
-I feel jealous when I see a mom with 5 kids and looks happy.
-i think I have social anxiety.
-I think everyone doesn't like me or my family.
-I wish I could do it all...seriously how does a mother of 4+ maintain a household scrapbook, run a photography business & blog?
-I want to find a balance between motherly duties & things I enjoy on the side.
-I am horribly disorganizied.
-I may look like I got it all together but I don't.  I am in a corner of a room that keeps getting smaller and smaller.
-I want to enjoy life.
-I take for granted things that came too easy for me.
-Joe & I both feel lonely and wish we had some good friends.
-I wish other kids understood my kids a little bit better instead of jumping to conclusions and being mean.

Am I the only one who feels this way?  Solutions? 
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