The Purple Party.

A few weeks ago, the planning began.  I wanted to do something fun for Kate's 4th birthday.  And seeing how her favorite color is purple, I thought it would be perfect to do a Purple Party!

I sent out the invitations, instructing invitees to wear all purple.

The party started with some balloon games.  I gave them popcicle sticks and they had to keep the balloons up in the air.
Next, they had to find the balloons that had something inside of it and try to pop them.  THey were puzzle pieces that they then had to piece together to find a picture of the birthday girl!

Next activity was coloring some wooden mermaids or coloring.  I found those mermaids at the Dollar Tree.

The food originally consisted of purple food only...but my options were limited and I forgot to make the jello the night I whipped out the apples, cheese sticks and licorice with the grapes & juice.
There's the birthday girl!
Singing to the birthday girl with her purple-frosted cake!

Then present time.  Look how fun that everyone is in purple!

Kate had an amazing time at her party.  I really liked how it turned out.  It was simple to some standards but I probably spent less than $30 on this party, making it a great deal.  Plus, I just had way too much fun spray painting everything purple!
Anyone interested in an in-depth description on things I made, you can go Here
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