love this break.

I wish we had Christmas break for at least 2 more weeks.  A little peek at some of the fun things we did over in TX the past 2 weeks.  More updates to come of family fun later.

On a blog note:
I was informed by a lovely follower that those who were following my previous blog "born-again crafter" aren't getting new feeds in Google Reader with "lyssa beth".
I think I have the solution for those who signed up before the jump!
I made this blog by changing the website through blogger, which saved all the settings, even followers.  But that didn't change everyone's reader.  So...
in order to keep up to date with what i'm currently posting, you'll need to "unfollow" then "follow" again so that you will be getting feeds for "lyssa beth" and not "born again crafter"

Does that make sense?

So if you have been following me and haven't gotten new blog posts, unfollow me and then follow me again :)
Those of you who haven't been following me before or now, follow me :)

Just find the lovely follow button to do the trick!

Thanks for all your support and comments!  It sure makes my day!

I've got some exciting news this week so hang tight.  And I have some fun things to show you too of what I made for Christmas :)
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