I is for Isabelle: ABC print

I am loving Pinterest, if you haven't gotten that feeling yet.
Another inspiration from it.
I loved the simplicity of it.
And I had my Hubby had my sister for Christmas.  She's preggos with her first baby so I was super excited! So I went to work in photoshop :)
Super easy folks, seriously.
I just typed up the alphabet in super cute font, then added the little babe's name.  The fonts I used were Rosewood Std Regular & Champagne & Limousines
I sent it through Costco to be picked up over in UT.  I did a 12x18 print.  Then i had my other Sister get a big frame to fit this 11x16 print from Ikea.  Since I live in WA and they all live in UT, it was easier for her to assemble the present (thank you Katie!)

My Sister loved it and i'm glad :)  She's doing a pink and gray nursery!
Yay for Technology!

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