weekend outing.

Something exciting is happening this weekend and i'm excited to share with you guys what i'm doing.

Saturday, i'll be driving to Seattle.  I'll spend the night there and then catch a 7 AM flight to L.A.
I'll be picked up and taken to the Anaheim Convention Center.

What's at the Convention Center, you ask?


In all my years of scrapbooking and crafting, I would have never ever ever thought I would go to CHA.  Never.

But a miracle has happened.  The company of Craftwell has hired me to come along and take pictures of their booth and the event.  WOW.  Seriously I am pinching myself over and over again.

I am in the right place and in the right time for this.  It probably helped that I was on the DT for the company.  They really liked my crafts but also my photography and how I display them.  Then being a photographer on top of that, they decided it would help get some great pictures for them and what they have planned for their company.
Here's a video clip from last year's CHA and Craftwell:

I seriously can't believe it though.

Another fun thing we are doing is a photobooth!!  It's going to be so fun   :)

I'll be on my own, for 3 days, in the midst of creativity.  No kids while I travel?  I never thought that would have happened for another 30 years!  Whoda thunk?!!

Thank you Craftwell for the generosity of including me in the wonderful experience.
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