Birthday Plaque

I'm really excited to share this with you.  This was in my head for weeks and weeks.  I first got the inspiration from pinterest.  I thought that would be the cutest thing to give to my mom and the hubby's mom. 
It's a Birthday Plaque to show who's birthday is next!  Each tag has a name and their birthday.  It's placed in chronological order on the hook so when one birthday surpasses, you can see who's birthday is next.  

So I got to work!

The supplies I got were:
 a wooden plaque from Crafts Etc.
an antique hook from Craft Etc.
black & white paint
brown vinyl I had on hand
cardstock & ribbon for tags
plaque hanger I found in basement shop

Ok so I first started preparing the plaque by painting the edges black:

Next, you want to make sure the black is dry dry dry or else your white will turn grey!  Paint the entire plaque (not the back, of course) white.

While those were drying, I got the tags prepared.  The eCraft machine has a fabulous design software called eCraftShop Pro.  I was able to purchase the tag image from their online site.  I then took that downloaded image from my library and plug it in to prepare to cut.  From there, I was able to design my tags!  I added "drawing" lines or print inside the tags.  Once it was ready to go, I sent it to my machine!!

This first video shows the eCraft machine drawing the names and birthdates on the paper.

This next one shows the paper going back and cutting.  So nice to not have to switch out the blade for a pen!  It does it in the same action :)

So now my plaques are all white  and dry :)

I took my sandpaper and distressed it and antiqued it.

After that, I added the plaque holder :)  I also cut out "Happy Birthday" from the eCraft store as well with the vinyl.  The original image has the two words fused together but I cut them apart so it would fit better onto the plaque.

Once everything was dry and play, I then drilled holes and screwed in the antique hook.  LOVE IT.  I then added ribbon onto the tags and ALL DONE!

I really love that it printed and cut at the same time.  Such a time saver!  You can even choose any fonts you have on your computer!

This is the first time I handmade gifts like this to my parents.  Kind of proud over here :)

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