CHA: part 1

Did you know I left for 4 days alone to California?
yes...this is true.
Some how, the planets aligned and I was able to go kid-free for 4 days....
Honestly, let's just give a hand to Joe.  Seriously.  He watched the kids, took care of the house, got the kids where they needed to be, even went to church solo...something isn't right here...Who is this man and what has happened to Joe?
No, I don't give him enough credit around here.  He did awesome and I came home to a clean house.
really REALLy lucky to have a guy like Joe as my husband and father to my children.

Ok seriously i'm still in shock and stoked that I got to go.  Craftwell, who has made the eCraft, whose design team i'm on, liked what I make and like the pictures I have of them, so they flew me out to CHA to help out at the booth and take picture for them.
Part 1 is showing some swag I got from my weekend.  There were endless make n' takes at most booths.  I wish I had more time to hit every one.  I only made it to 2/3 of the convention center.  I was busy helping demonstrate their awesome machines and taking pictures.  But I can't complain because I had a fabulous time, being crafty, seeing friends again and making new ones.

So here we are, with some stuff I made and got for free.  Cute Totes, one from Martha Stewart I stenciled and another one I just got from their booth, Grant Studios...cutest stuff ever!!

These are some cute make n' takes at Lilybee designs & Maya Road.

Hair accessories I made and those yummy rings I made as well.  Free paint at the martha stewart booth.

An adorable make n' take frame, also at Lilybee deisng booth and a fun carrot at the Jillibean Soup Booth.

So so fun!  It has definitely given me inspiration and motivation to put my butt in gear and get crafting!
Be back with some pictures of CHA with yours truly :)

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