Mid-Winter Break

Today was the first day of the mid-winter break.  We have the rest of the weekend off.  Best part is that Joe has it off too.  Hopefully we'll something worthwhile!
Today, Emma and I (with the on & off help of Kate) made a snow castle.   We got dumped last night so we had plenty of snow. 

I'm going to be honest, usually I dread snow and playing in it with the kids.  I don't know why, I just loathe getting dressed and being out in the cold.  But today, since it was just me and the snow was perfect, I went ahead and sucked it up and went out.

And i'm glad I did.  It was really nice.  I ended up taking off my coat midway through.  Pretty good workout.

It was cool to see it go up.  sorry if the pictures are vague on how it looks.  it was bright.

Tomorrow, I think we'll add some height to this baby.  Maybe attempt a roof?

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