Quiet Time with Emma

While Joe ran up to the office to work on some stuff, I found myself playing Dress-up dolls with Emma in her room.  The other two kids were downstairs.
While we were playing school, I couldn't help but be distracted by my little Emma Beth.

She is just beautiful and smart.  Funny and silly.  Loving and creative...I could go on and on...

The thing about Emma is she's very strong-willed.  The first few years with her were a little rough...(little is an understatement).  Even a year ago, we were being confronted by her Preschool about her behavior and possibly her being kicked out.

Yet in the past year, she has grown SO much.  She loves school.  She is doing great with her Teacher.  She's one of the top students in Kinder...lol hate to brag but...it's true.

Just so proud of her and what kind of girl she is becoming.

 Now, she still has her moments, especially when Luke attacks or if she's not winning on the Wii...but

At the rate she's maturing, i'm not worrying about it as much anymore :)

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