Luke & His Room.

Remember when Luke turned his back on babyhood?
He seems to be doing just fine.  His toddler bed upgrade has been successful.
Here's an update on what his room looks like now.

That's one RED wall, right?  It came like that.  And since we're renting, i'm not putting in the effort to paint.  So Red stays.  Luckily it goes with his "colors".

Here's his new bed.  Larger than a Toddler bed but smaller than a twin.  Got this baby for free from a friend :)    I love his trunk.  Got it for $3 at a thrift store.  And his pallet shelf holds his precious books.

 That globe?  $5.  Don't be jealous.

Before naps and bedtime, we read 3 books.  I love that the books are set up where he can see them.  So he loves picking the books himself.

He's a little camera shy ;)

He has finally chosen.  He loves Pat the Bunny!

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